Two Sides of Power

warrior-red-europeanTwo sides of Power:

When I think about power, images of being young and small in a world full of authorities that seemed very large is the first picture in my head. Then I think about being a teenager, and I feel the fight that arose from with in my young body. The fight for autonomy self direction personal authority responsibility for myself. Oh how I longed to be absolutely fully responsible.

When I look at frustrated teens now my heart goes out to them. That stage in our lives where we know that there is something far greater inside of us than anyone around us seems to be able to see or acknowledge or explain, and that drive and desire to know what that is.

So many people end up feeling angry, rebellious in the face of authorities that appear to have power over them/us. Another fairly large group of people decide to give up their personal responsibility to go along and get along in give up the dreams that were fueled by the power and creativity and imagination of their youth.

There is another group that to varying degrees attempt a constructive path to express themselves to find their voice, to be genuine and do something that feels true to their soul. This group of us who can neither live angry or settle for survival make the dynamic class of creators, learners and people who choose to grow in spite of the fact that it is often not easy. this is the group that has the most genuine, authentic power.

Power is often misunderstood. Or perhaps it is more fair to say there are different kinds of power. There is power over another, someone whom is less capable in one way or another and that perceived weakness is exploited. For those of you who watched the Jim Henson movie The Dark Crystal, this is where the Skeksis drain that the essence from the gentle folks. This is the type of power that is sustained by continual the taking something from someone or the world around you. It is not a sustainable form of power. This is the kind of taking of power that leaves people angry, flat, depressed, and those that are taking the power increasingly greedy, like hungry ghosts who can never get enough.

There is power that is really more force, is attained through warfare, abusing people ect. In many ways very much like the power described above. Where the type of power that is being sought is based in the need to prove an idea over another person or group of people to prove that your idea your God your way is superior to the other way.

There is the kind of power that we take in our intimate relationships, our family relationships, our work relationships, ways in which we subtly either aline to create together or find ways to undermine each other.  This type of power, is always based on fear, our need to prove our value, our desire to inflict or impose our ideas on to people in the world.  It makes others responsible to meet our egoic needs to have the world around us reflect our ideas believes and self image back to us.  It is a drive to make ourselves right, a need to validate ourselves and quell our fears at the expense of others.

This power is always unsustainable. It always requires that something outside of us is being conquered to be drained and give us more power. In some ways it is the essence of what is evil.tree-grows-through-rocks

Authentic power means to find the power within ourselves that is sustainable. To find the strength inside of us that is the source of all life and to draw that power into our life generating and creating, bringing vitality to the world.  Simply:  Making the world a better place, giving into it our gifts, talents, service and good will.  Filling our needs with love, trusting our souls and source, listening to our wisdom.

This power that comes from inside of us is infinite. It is the same energy, life force, power that is available to all people and all living things. This is the source from which all life burst forth.

This form of power sustainable, you can increase it in a constructive fashion and do no harm to anyone around you. You can become infinitely powerful and increase the quality of your life and the lives of the people around you. Your sphere of influence can increase, if money or position matters to you often that will increase, the well-being of the people around you will increase, your feeling of safety and place in the world increases as well.