Soul, every culture has it’s version of the soul.

It is at least equal to oxygen for our existence.

I don’t believe this is the realm of any one religion.  It is not a matter of which faith you devote your thoughts to, but more simply, do you devote yourself to love or something else.

I do believe that there is a Creator.  A being that knows far more than any of us.  A true originator.  There maybe something beyond this Creator of humans as well, most likely more Creators or Creative sources.  It is childish to personify that which created us into words and concepts that our developing minds can use to explain It; attempts to define what has given us form, the thing through which all things are infused with a spirit, the act of animating star dust and H2O into a living planet with so many life forms including human, will inevitably fall short.  But as human’s we think we need to know.  Knowing relaxes us, even if what we know is contrived solely to comfort our needy minds and emotions.

And so to our souls.

The soul is our eternal container for the spark of the Creator.  It is in, within and through our souls that we find wisdom, genuine comfort, healing, purpose, safety, and for me our connection to the Creator.

There are many ways to find yourself closer to the Creator, and all of them involve the time and patience to Strengthen the soul.  For some it is in nature, in art, in your loved ones, in prayer/meditation, in creative pursuits.  In expressing your purpose, your heart opens and there you are, connected to the soul, to what is greater than you, to the container of Creator that comes to life as your soul.

This is the most valuable asset you have, for with it, even oxygen is hollow.