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It’s wonderful to have you join us here. Please check out the expandable tab at the bottom of this box: Why a Honeycomb?  The point of this site is to provide a community for people who are interested in learning about the many aspects of life.  From relationships,  to purpose, understanding the universe, Karma and the possibility of past lives, the energetic grid that we live on…the possiblities of what a human seeks to learn are infinite, as are we.

Do Join Us!  I’ve set an annual fee of $10.  This is to give those of us on the site privacy, so there is a higher comfort level in discussions on blogs, more space to ask questions and assure that only folks who care about the site are involved.  Members have access to audios blogs or short podcasts with many of the blogs as well.  There are other exciting aspects that I am working on, more blogs, sms inspirations, additional products in the shoppe, an ambassador program, conference calls, DIY guides and workbooks, an ever expanding resource page.  Video is also on the development list.  It’s a huge undertaking and I’m so glad you are interested in joining.

The Honeycomb represents a natural structure that functions perfectly with nature.  It does not resist the natural chaos of life. Everyday, bees gather life giving nourishment around the world. From the very place where chaos creates life when it meets form.

It’s structure, provides a framework that can be built on and expands. Yet is ultimately organic. It’s fluid within structure.  It is a form serving energy, converting it into something delicious and bountiful.

It is structure serving creative expansion as well as the basis for life. The queen in the center is symbolic of the origin of life. The center of all things, rarely seen but undeniable evidence of her existence.

Bees that are supported by the hive contribute essential nutrition to the whole so it thrives. The exterior and interior are existence because both are given care.

Self awareness is getting to know all those nuances of the structure and finding the center of your very being in the center of the complex structures you use to interact with the world.

The work we do here is the road map for finding your way around on your way in the network of your thoughts and emotions. It expands our minds and hearts to include our place in the world and the strength of our being.

About this Site

Access the Services Page to learn more about services I provide, including private consultations, corporate services, and in the works: online classes and conference calls.


Blogs, we mostly know what they are: entries that share information. These entries are organized in various ways and include a key word search, a honeycomb search and search topics to help guide you. I have a couple of different writing styles that show up depending on the nature of the blog. I can be analytical or anecdotal.

I tend to be self revealing. I have found that we all need to know that we are not alone and that we are being related to by the author. I’ve had plenty of challenges and successes in this life, and through them have found great love and power that may not have emerged in a simpler life. What I have come to know is; “We CAN learn through our own and others experiences”. To that end, I have engaged with a diverse group of people as friends and clients. From very successful to quite humble. They all have things to offer us as lessons we can apply to our lives. We all have things to teach and learn. I share with you what I have learned or found useful in life.

How to find what your looking for –

Search features to suit your style

If you like to start with the big picture, See the Honeycomb for a broad subject area search. The Honeycomb is found on the home page and on the Blogs landing page.

If you like to start with a specific topic, use the Keyword Search or browse the categories on the Blog landing page.

Forgiving my former or current love interest

Knowing myself better

Self acceptance

What is discipline?

Why Meditation?

How can I be a better manager

My spiritual awareness

How to improve my career

Communicating Effectively

Improving professional image

Increasing professional performance

Reducing stress

Talking with my kids/parents/spouse

What is peace?

Quieting the voice in my head

Increasing good feelings


What makes us sabotage ourselves?

I want to evolve

Developing compassion

If you want to jump in and explore without a topic in mind, look at the scrolling “Featured Blogs” on the bottom of the home page or on the Blogs page. Select a blog by clicking on the picture.

More Myself

Let People Be #1

Know Your Mind

Connecting With Your Soul

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, send me a request via the contact form and I will do my best to direct you to relative blogs or develop one on the subject.

I have added audio to most of the blogs, it is found in the audio bar immediately under the blog. The voice offers a dimension of information that can be missed in writing, it’s own powerful vehicle for telling stories and sharing information.

After exploring the blog entries that appeal to you in the moment. Consider using the DIY Guides, Meditations and Workbooks that relate to the topics.

At the end of most blogs I will suggest at least one of each. You can learn more about these on the Services page or in the Shoppe.

The Contact/ Info Page is where you can find an easy to use form to make contact, find information about me, read testimonials and learn about people who helped bring this website to life.

From this page:

Resources: I find it is useful to have a collection of related material that you may enjoy.  Also, there are products and services that I find helpful.  There are listed on the resource page.

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If you need to stop your membership at anytime: We will prorate the refund based on your initial commitment, minus the number of months you’ve been a member and minus the amount of purchased product with store credits.

IE: You sign up for an annual “Basic” membership.  You downloaded $20.00 of meditations/workbooks etc. In month 6 you need to stop your membership.

Initial payment $135.00
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Find Your Tools- These products work best together, as they enable you to focus thoroughly on an area of your life. All of your senses are engaged as are the levels of thought, spirit and emotion.

DIY Guides are short practical tools that you can use to explore or develop ability in an area of interest. These are helpful because they are more of a manual than a workbook. They can include suggested activities that support the process you are working on. These can include moving meditations.

Find your DIY Guides in the shoppe


Meditations are specific to the action of integration and reflection. While most of these will be the traditional sitting meditation, I have also developed contemplative mediation instructions and Moving Meditations.

The traditional Sitting Meditations are usually done as a passive experience. Often with directions to become aware of what is going inside or you and directing you to release that which is causing pain and/or how to develop inner qualities such as strength, power and compassion.
Moving mediations are active, involve focus and awareness and increase connection with your active life rather than sitting mediations that often focus on the inner aware of your thoughts and feelings. These may have minor overlaps in related meditations and workbooks. They are downloaded as a pdf.
Contemplative meditation is done in a quiet reflective manner. These are a deep contemplation of an idea or subject. The key to your ability to lovingly redirect your mind and release the causes of suffering.

Find your Meditations in the shoppe:


Workbooks are reflective tools that assist you with discovering what your thoughts and programs are, what your doing to sabotage yourself, what actions you can take to support yourself and how you can learn to see the world in a more beneficial way. Workbooks are downloaded as a pdf file.

Take this opportunity to browse my Workbooks

Important tip for using material: read and listen to the blogs. Then read, listen to and practice the materials from the DIY Guides, Meditations, and Workbooks. The mind takes in new information in multiple ways and in multiple forms…

It is important that this is more than an intellectual practice, that you take the information in and practice it. Reflect on the information in your daily life. See and feel how and why it is relevant to you. To simply think something is robbing yourself of the experience of benefiting from it. Changes occur when you take responsibility and integrate changes into all aspects of your life. Being human is complex, learning as adults requires that we play with and experience the new information to embed it, as we did when we were children.




These are the results of many years of research, study and experience. Look at the tools that shine for you.  I’ve worked to price them in a very affordable range making it possible for many to benefit from them.

  • You can’t do it wrong !
  • Have Fun !
  • Use your tools !
  • These are downloaded, to keep the costs down and save natural resources.
  • Learn, Grow and Enliven yourself !