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Executive Coaching and Mentoring:  Executives and Managers must have someone objective to help them understand and navigate the myriad of personalities that you count on to succeed everyday.  You know how to run your business.  I know how to support you as a confidant, and mentor you in creating successful relationships on all levels.

Professional Individual Coaching and Mentoring:  Transitions, growth, mergers, promotions all mean changes in your relationship to yourself and to the people around you.  Getting the proper support is a key to success.  Technical skills only take you to a certain level in any business.  When you are ready to improve your relationship skills, manage more effectively, or open the doors of possibility through human interaction, come work with me.

Small group coaching: teams make up our lives.  Team are made up of complex human personalities.  You are on many teams and have your own complex personalities.  To succeed on your teams from your home life, to work life, and everywhere in between, you need to first know yourself, and then to have the skills to understand each other, and to build on those team dynamics.  Small group coaching is designed to build bridges at the most fundamental and complex levels, enabling participants to use their skills and talents to enjoy working together, to become more engaged, more productive teams.

Online training: I am constantly expanding my online training offerings.  These are a powerful addition to private work you are doing.  They also offer cost effective options with skills that are applicable in most areas of your life.

Webinars: As an extension of my online training offerings webinars are very effective means of small group meetings, especially when your team is located in multiple locations.

Personal Coaching is available on a case by case basis.  Please contact me to discuss our options.

All of my services are available by phone, webinar, and online.  In person training is also available.  My home base is Portland, Oregon and I am able to travel to your location.  Please contact me to discuss our options.

DIY Guides

Targeted Guides for your progress

Move Forward

At your pace and on your terms

My Do-It-Yourself Guides puts the keys in your hands. Remember that moment of exhilaration when the keys to you first car or house were in YOUR hands. That’s the power of the DIY guides. It’s a course on a specific subject with tools to integrate into your life. These are the nuts and bolts of a subject.  For people who like to begin with a flowchart, start here. For people who like to begin with the big picture or see the inner world, they typically finish here.

Everyone can read about great concepts such as awareness, evolution, and compassion. My guides teach you to take action that connects you with the experience.

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for your many facets

Get Cozy

Find a way that is right to you

Find the way  “To You” – through these Meditations, a collection of sessions carefully designed for your internal development and self-awareness.

As a member, you have access every month to new and engaging content- including these Meditations. As you progress through this material, you will find the many aspects of your awareness and intrinsic daily energy grow in ways you had not imagined.

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Guidance through your process

Independent Guidance

A simple and powerful format, browse our selection

My Workbooks blend exploratory and targeted content to cultivate your personally designated purpose. The information you enter into these books provides an objective platform for your ongoing growth.

Workbooks are a great way to maintain your personal progress. As you grow through this material, notice the ongoing relationships between my published content and your perspective’s internal and external solidarity.

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and Conference Calls

2 Great Ways

Conference Calls

Because there are so many formats to learn and grow, I have opened access to my online Classes and Conference Calls to provide an excellent way for your very personal involvement.

Online classes and calls are limited to scheduled availability. With your membership, you will be kept aware of upcoming opportunities and enjoy the benefit of being the first to know.

My Classes cover some of my most popular content, as well as content I find to be most impactful. This is information, presented by me, that can renew the way you see yourself and others. While the breadth of this information is available through other resources on this site, you wont get anything as moving or targeted to you than these classes.

View the schedule and my available dates

Popular topics and group work are great for Conference Calls. Purchase a session that works on your timetable, covering the topics that matter most to you. Conference calls are a great way to stay in touch from the convenience of your own setting.

Conference Calls are subject to availability. To be included in a conference call; please complete the conference request form (with your area of interest or, any ideas for topics you would like to talk about) and I will be in contact with you.

Recorded conference calls will be available for download in the shoppe.

Conference Call Request Form

View the schedule and my available dates


A close gathering

A great way to supplement your independently fueled growth is a personal one-on-one phone Consultation. Availability is limited and all consultations must first be scheduled through the “Consultation Form”.

Consultation Form

Complete the consultation form to request a one-on-one phone consultation with me. Pricing and availability is subject to terms of engagement. If you have any special requests, or would like to access alternative options, please refer to the following resources: