Perfection, the illusionist.

Good enough !  I huff in the mirror, as I put the brush on the counter and give myself a 7.5 out of 10.  Of course it’s never 10, hardily ever above 7.5.   I take a minute and muse that age isn’t at it’s worst yet, still holding up ok.  Ugh…so I’ve peaked at 7.5,  double ugh!

Deciding that self confidence is what’s most beautiful I get out of the mirror.

A boy hears music in his head.  He hears it in it’s perfect state…exactly the way he wants to hear it with his ears.  He can’t play it exactly as he hears it, so in frustration with his lack of skill on the instruments he abandons the music at age 8. The destructive part of his mind uses perfect picture or perfect sound to create negative feelings about his ability. A sadness takes root in the boy, there is no way to be good enough so he walks away.

Perfection is an illusionist, espeically in an ever expanding universe !

There are states of higher or lower vibration, states in which love and compassion are stronger and more light shines through, but there is no sustainable perfect !  The nature of life is fluxuation. Change, adjustment, so perfect now is not the same as perfect in 10 minutes.

There are states in which we find joy, in which we develop skill that enable a high level of action, but only fleeting or isolated moments of perfect.

Perfection is our unicorn because we live in a world of duality. So perfect is imperfect and visa versa. Within each moment both exist.

Being attached to finding perfect, causes us to not see the joy and beauty that is here now. It can also cause us to destroy or ignore beauty that we don’t understand. You can miss the beauty in a moment by looking at the next one, seeking the perfect outcome, which is an illusion.

If we judge and measure each moment according to the demands of ideal, there is no rest, no appreciation of what is exactly enjoyable and delightful in front of us now.

The mind sets up false logic parameters that make the illusive what we want. We can set things up to be perfect according to those parameters for a few minutes; but those don’t last. A perfect experience is the unplanned moment that we’ve been waiting for our whole lives.

This can sabotage creativity because we don’t try, or because we are seeking an ideal that eludes us, but miss the creation that is tossed to the side trying to get to perfect.

The scientist at CERN have planned and built the most advance technology, used the best thinking of our scientific minds, pour the weatlh of nations into this project and it’s experiments provide information, but they are not perfect because we are here to learn and enjoy. Perfect implies an end. There is no end to learning.

Perfect, when it exist is the moment at which the power of the soul is released through the being. It is when the master dancers or violinist has matched their skill to the soul, the soul and being are in harmony and working with ease. So much so that we can watch the dance or hear that music for eons. Think Bach, Mozart, DiVinci, Barishnakov, Joan of Arc, Rosa Parks, Elenor Rosavelt, all wise, strong and terribly human. All sharing life changing moments of perfection that last across centuries because the soul and body acted as one and resonated across the boundaries of time and space.

A moment of perfection is elusive, and resonates with infinity.