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Find your perfect Membership fit


Welcome!  I hope you chose to become a member for many reasons:  To join the community, contribute to and ask questions in the discussion area.  Receive discounts in the shoppe, play for credits, receive notices on updates, inspiriations…

I have made the price points affordable because I would love to have an active and engaged group.  Questions and comments are welcome, it matter to me that the questions and ideas are clear to each person.  The discussion area is private so we can feel at ease that our conversation is amongst ourselves.

Personally, I would love a large and active membership base, that allows me to devote a more time to the blog posts and available materials.

Explore the plans, see what is a good fit, and jump in!

Membership Levels

Level Cost Shoppe Credit Discount Conference Calls Minimum Package Value Purchase
Basic 3-Month $45 $30 $30 in Shoppe + Ambassador Credits + full access to Discussion Area button-buy-now
Basic Annual $135 $90 10% 2 Calls (valued at $25 each) $140 (In Shoppe Credits & Calls) +
Discounts + Ambassador credits+ Full access to Discussion Area
Premium3-Month $75 $50 $50 in Shoppe + Ambassador Credits+ Full Access to Discussion area button-buy-now
Premium Annual $225 $150 15% 4 Calls (valued at $25 each) $250 (In Shoppe Credits & Calls) + Ambassador Credits+ Discounts + Full Access to Discussion Area button-buy-now

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Scholarships, Give and Receive

Why you want to contribute to the scholarship fund:

You can!  It’s a wonderful thing to recognize and share the gifts in your life.  Contributing to the scholarship fund is an affirmation of your abundance and your faith in the ever present abundance in your life.

I contribute a significant amount in scholarships and reduced fee private sesssions.  I don’t ask for donations to keep the site going ect.  That is my personal commitment.  I ask for and provide the opportunity for people to contribute to the scholarship fund so I can include people who want to be in the community and not deplete myself.  As the fund grows, I will be able to provide scholarships for people who request them and eventually reach out to groups that may benefit from this information.

There is a wealth of information free on this site because it is my passion and purpose to share what I have learned.  I believe we all contribute in our own way and according to our ability.  Sometimes a humble question opens a flood gate, and if the person who brings that question needs a scholarship to be part of our community, then I want them with us.

Scholarships can be made in any amount you like.  Of course, in any giving situation there are suggestions.  If you can give one of the standard membership amounts great and thank you!  If you can give any other amount, none is too small, thank you!  All scholarship receiptants will be treated as full members during their membership period.

As neither my company Wolff Professional Services, LLC or I are a charitible organization, your scholarship gift isn’t tax deductable.

Donate to a scholarship

Scholarships are available for those who would like to join our community and require financial assistance to do so.  My request is that you have browsed the blogs and feel this work is right for you prior to application.  Also, that you contribute to the site as a full particapating member and at some point, when you can, you pay it forward by sharing this information with others and/or contributing to the scholarship fund.  To apply use the form below.

Apply for a scholarship