Life Goes Onward

nebula-faces-starsEverything in form passes, life remains.  Don’t be attached to what you think or feel, it will pass.  Love will stay, personalities will change or fade.  Emotions, thoughts, human lives, relationships are transitory.  To this end, enjoy what you have.  One day the beauty of what you feel will have passed into the mist, your unmanifest thoughts become vapor and your manifest ones crumble, making way for new thoughts and things.  The gorgeous person across from you may be there for a day or maybe a soul mate.  Love them fully, take in their love, their light, their soul.  Take this moment and feel how much you have.  You will have something different in 3..2..1..



Thank you to Victoria Biedron of AwakeArts for the love mug in the featured image.