Let People Be #1


Let People Be!

You Will Be Happier!

Interference with our life’s process and expression is destructive.  Yet we all do this to ourselves, to each others.

There is a craving in all people to find something, people think they are seeking different things:  God, themselves, financial security, enlightenment, expression, a secure attachment to another person, etc. I think we are all seeking ourselves. If you put it in biblical terms, the image of God that lives inside of us.  If you put it in modern Western terms, our passion, purpose or authentic self.

While its personal, paradoxically, the search is universal.

It is what is in our being, soul, spirit, mind, our heart that we long to live out.

Supporting ourselves or another person in finding, living, expressing and experiencing this is, in my opinion, a selfless and inspired form of love.

Yes, selfless love is the best love to give ourselves.  Not the egoistical love that forces compliance or imposes it’s survivalist needs on ourselves and others; love without fear of loss of love.

I think the best gift of self love is letting ourselves be.  Letting others be.  Change, growth, evolution will occur because life is not stagnant.  Ask ourselves and each other to look more deeply.  Being conscious/mindful as we go through our day, this shows us who we are, let’s others see who they are, enabling all of us to find our most inspired path.

Questions asked with real curiosity bring about real growth, genuine understanding and allow people to find their own diamonds.  The space of letting people be, takes the pressure off of you.  You no longer have to count on them to agree with you, and you don’t have to agree with them.  It’s ok.  you can both be yourselves, be together, but let what’s inside of you guide you to express and inspire your life.