I Love Dragons

dragon-stars-fireI love Dragons.

They are the very expression of power!

Perhaps I am influenced by my Chinese astrology.  Perhaps it is my love of clarity, of owning oneself without apology.

We all have power, the question is what do we do with it?

Do we hide it in false humility, or let power become shamed in fear?  We could embrace the power of love, light and consciousness reclaiming our ability to  create with it.

Too many people misunderstand power.  While the obvious abuses of power show up all around us, it can be used for dark or light.  It can be the realm of fear, force or it can be liberation, compassion.  Power, our dragon is our best friend as we walk confident in our light through a world of chaos.

Fear of taking our power is self sabotage.

We may hide or avoid our power for what seems like good reason:

Maybe we are trying to protect it from criticism or from being stolen.

Maybe we fear it, because we have no idea how to take responsibility for this intense gorgeous life force within us.

Many are taught false humility, told not to shine too brightly, to avoid being proud, or are attacked for being authentic.

In all of these cases we are already living in our fears.

The dark side of our minds wants to keep the power it has usurped.  To do this, it must cause us to live in fear of our own light.  Fear of judgement and loss that the minds creates, but that is mostly in the mind.  These fears steal away at our power, munching on our souls in shadowy corners of our minds, diminishing our lives and God’s purpose for us.

In our ignorance of our own ability to master our lives, we forget that this realm of shadows is our to conquer.  We become lost in these phatoms that only control us because we fear them.   The Dragon has a flame to burn away these fears, but it can’t help us if we forsake our courage and believe the realm of the shadow.  We all have this realm to conquer.  It is part of the journey of being human.

We all have to release self doubt, the constant apologizing for everything from how we look to what we like, sometimes feeling the harshness of questioning our very existence.  The darkness wants us to linger in it’s grip and believe this trash talk it uses to subjugate us.  It only has power if we believe it.  We don’t have to oppose other humans lost in the same delusion.  We have to look at ourselves, take the power from the shadows and amplify it in the light.

By fate we have a Dragon.  By fate we have a dark side and light side. By consciousness intentional choice we learn our ride our dragon.   Left in the shadows our fears jump onboard and joyride our dragon. When we love our Dragon, we ride it to intentionally strengthen our life, our light and to empower our gifts.  We leave fear in the shadows and remain vigilant to their effects: But we humbly, with power and enthusiasm ride our Dragon, our personal power, to create light in our lives.

The Dragon says awake up!  Make a conscious choice to see what you are giving your power to.  Their fire breathe melts the darkness.  Those fears that once influenced the mind can be like arrows bouncing off the scales that protect us with courage and faith in what is light, wise and conscious inside.

Power is essential to life, it is it’s own reward.  To be powerful is to be fearless, to know ourselves take responsibility for our choices going forward. To not let our power be used for fear.

Fearlessness isn’t bungee jumping (at least not for me), or being aggressive.  Fearlessness is loving in the face daily life.  It’s being compassionate when no one expects it.  It’s standing up by saying, “I can do this” or looking at your fears and saying, “I see you but don’t believe in you.”  It’s getting up and doing our best in the face of what life throws at us each day.  It’s believing that what is alive in each one of us, is more powerful than what impedes our dreams.

Dreams are the realm of the well loved Dragon.  They are creatures of the mist and know how to bring those visions to fruition.  You must have your power to make your dreams come true.

Ride your Dragon, take it’s power back into your own hands and don’t fear the shadows in your mind.  Use that flame to illuminate and burn away that which no longer fits in your life.

My Dragon has gotten me through some though times.  It’s duty to my mission was unflappable.  The moments when my faith was low, there my Dragon was, waking me up to climb back on her and take me to the next step.  All she asked for was my acceptance of the power, my love to direct my life, and for me to stand up and say:  Yes, this is my life, come help me create light.

Remember that the Dragon is a creature of faithfulness, and has a very loving devoted heart.  So use your Dragon wisely.