Creating Made Easy in 7 steps

1. Embrace your power.  You have a great deal of life force/energy/power inside of you.  Are you putting it into growth or stagnation?  The world is in constant motion therefore you are constantly creating by directing your power with your thoughts feelings and emotions.  Since we live in duality and energy is always in motion we are deciding what we are creating all the time.  We all have a shadow self and a light self.  They are actually complimentary and unavoidable, they are part of being human.

Too often we fear getting dirty with our dark side, people do get stuck in their own darkness and it does require courage to walk through it.  Awareness and courageous action are necessary though because in our “shadow self” is great power.  It’s been misrepresented as scary, but that is a shield that the darkness creates to keep us out, to protect itself.  The darkness is inherently fearful, even of what is good for us.  Our ego become identified with the dark aspects and hides them out of fear. This creates the divide in us, the chasm that causes us to feel lost or at odds with ourselves.

Yes, we all have to fight our demons, but they are our demons and we don’t have to be destroyed or controlled by them.  As a matter of fact, it is believing in, rather than mastering our own darkness that weakens us.  Mastery of self must involve mastery of our own darkness.  Accepting the duality, embracing and taking responsibility for all aspects of ourselves.

2. Line things up.  Your brain is not the master of your life.  Once you accept that, the brain can be put to it’s best and most powerful use.  Every part of you has to be in agreement.  This is why we refer to #1.  If your burying emotions, or have old programs in your hologram, it’s really hard to succeed.  Lining things up takes a lot of self honesty, reflection ect.  It takes getting your ego on same page with your soul.  When the ego: sees that the soul is amazingly powerful, when the survival mechanism sees that it’s safer in the hands of the heart than wallowing in its own fears, when your resistance relaxes because there is so much joy in things working together then:  your usual self sabotage mechanisms are out of the way and what makes you come to life is easier to manifest!

3. Focus is  your friend.  Focus is a constant, gentle attention.  It is learning about the subject, immersing yourself in the subject, exploring and indulging in the feeling that the subject gives you.  it is not stressing about the subject and using it to beat yourself up if you haven’t gotten to where you think you should be.  Focus is pleasant, determined observation of desired outcome.  It is not trying too hard!warrior-blade-asian

4. Action is needed.  All dreams need material energy to manifest.  Like with the honeycomb symbol: effective creation is a complimentary balance of organic and structure, thought and feelings with action, desire with passionate attention.  The correlation of the formula, energy, clear thinking, clear emotion, action and will,  in one brilliant, mysterious and functional expression of life.

Don’t push and struggle.  Listen to the action that is natural and follow the flow with intention.  Leave stress out of the equation.

5. Your soul isn’t likely to want a fancy car.  That’s your ego.  It’s ok, but know that it is not going to be nearly as satisfying as doing an amazing job at what turns your soul on.  The soul wants money for the sake of doing more things it loves.  Perhaps traveling, which does cause growth.  Perhaps building something.  In the strange event that the soul wants a car, it’s to show you that you can create anything or help you overcoming something.  Your survival mechanism is going to want things too.  A house, security etc.  It is most likely to get these things by following this plan.

If the Soul is in charge all the needs are met, unless you need them to not be met because you need to learn who you are, or your pulling on the survivalist needs is throwing you off balance.  If your needs are not met I suggest you put your attention on your soul to understand what you can so you can correct course or rise above this unpleasant circumstance.  Often lack is in the survival mechanism taking over your thoughts with fear.  Sometimes it is fate.  Don’t judge those born or fallen into poverty, it’s not a punishment.  It’s a complex discussion for another place.  Be compassionate so you don’t create more suffering with your fear or judgement.

6.  Accept/Don’t judge.  Look at what arrives. The universe is not a short order cook.  You are in a process.  If something close arrives, then see the value in it.  See what good has come and put energy into that.  Wisdom plus Action = Success.  Be wise and see that you have been given a combination of fate and choice.  You can tweak it, grow it and maybe it’s better than what you thought you wanted.


7. You create all day every day.  Some days you need to rest, to build energy.  Rest is necessary, it is not laziness.  Accept your need to rest, to dream.  Accept you’re doing your best and have appreciation for what is around you.

Avoid the “goal” trap: getting so attached to getting to the outcome that you miss life as it is.

Life is pretty awesome, even the hard days beat the alternative.  Sometimes we have to dream our dreams into life.  If you appreciate what you have you will have more to appreciate.