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About Naomi

How did I become a Compassionate Life Coach and Mentor:

It’s what I’ve always been.  Training and experience have honed me into a successful Coach and Mentor for people from fortune 500 companies, to Pschytrist, teachers and stay at home parents.  These titles are only what we do, not who we are.  Under all the titles, posessions and outter circumstances we are all looking for what makes us alive.

As early as I can remember I studied people, talked with people to understand them, focusing on finding solutions to make things better and easier. People say I have a gift of patience, insight and compassion when it comes lifting people up and helping them to find their potential. I agree. My ability to not judge makes it easier for you to use my insights and coaching to courageously embrace self awareness.  Self awareness is the key to a happy, purpose filled and satifing life, because it is through self awareness that you access your soul.
It is important to accept that all of us have dark things, pain and secrets that thrive on the shadows and denial of their existence. These are the things that sideswipe us.  They cause suffering, and: You can all do something about it!

The solution is compassion, self awareness and the end of suffering.  These lead you to the light.  To the constructive area of your life where the mind, body, heart and soul are working together and happiness is a natural state.

In middle school I started to study the ideas people had about God. I thought about God and Jesus and faith A LOT. I was the questioner, the seeker, the one driven to understand and reconcile the endless ways people saw and explained the unexplained.

I do appreciate aspects of religion, it can be used as a vehicle to find the answers or can be a diversion. I don’t believe that one system of belief is itself the answer. I don’t agree with the principles of evangelism, because it drives people to interfere with each other’s rights. I especially don’t believe there is only way to find what we call God. And I regret that in our mental delsuions of a higher energy that gives and takes life we have bastradized the name of God with so much blood and hate.

Christ’s first law is to love thy neighbor as thyself. To me this means that we all have and deserve the liberty to learn, love and explore provided our actions do no harm to anyone. This is the primary principle that is upheld by our constitution, science and our consciousness.

I do believe that within each person is the answers to love, God and fulfillment that they seek. The best guide helps you to take responsibility for your own connection to that which makes us alive, and frees us from the limitations and programs that cause suffering and inhibit loving relationships.

My training has been vast. I studied at the Uof I, taken many trainings and endless workshops. Seen counselors and studied with spiritual teachers.  The many roads have lead to the truth that I am happiest when I know myself, nurture the life that is given to me, and everything I needed, I had, my teachers, friends and enemies where all showing me where to walk to find my own heart and give it a voice in the world.  This is what I use as a Compassionate Coach and Mentor, I life of proven experience to help you to sort things out, making your road a bit smoother.

The wonderful results that my clients experience speak for themselves. I am pleased and grateful to present what I’ve learned for your use to inspire you and improve the quality of your life.shutterstock_78179065

Mission Statement

Infinite Yes Inc. and Infinite Yes Productions, will provide a broad based consulting service, website, and other possible venues, to provide both clients and the general public with information that is found useful in improving their quality of life.

Infinite Yes Inc. and Infinite Yes Productions, will operate as a people, profit, planet company. Meaning that pricing structures, services to people, treatment of employees, and environmental considerations will all be considered in decisions by this company.

It is our intention to interact with and share information about companies products and services that we feel are beneficial to our clients and those who seek information on our website.

Our company vision is to uplift, inspire, and educate; to improve the life and condition of life for all those with whom we interact, to whatever degree they choose. And to the best of our ability extend tools and gratitude to all of those on the planet.

Naomi is teaching me to see that those programs that make me feel pushed are not necessary. I can choose not to believe them. It feels much better when that voice wants to hook me in to getting stressed to know that it is my choice.
Carol J, SF Bay Area
Part perfect mother, part guru, part psychological genius, part teacher and part best friend. Naomi is all these things and more. She borrows from so many sources….traditional psychology, new age ideas, Buddhist teachings with…
Linda Moore

From Naomi

Thank you for stopping here to view the website and learn more. As always, gratitude to those who have made this site possible are foremost in my mind.

Patrick Coan has done a wonderful job of bringing his artistic, design and computer skills to create a format that I trust you will find both organic and functional. He’s been a trouper and quite patient with me throughout the process. I’m so glad we connected and reconnected to get this baby launched!

Jachob, my dear son. He is so patient with me, with the work I do. He has taught me so much and my love for him has made me a much better person, and much more humble person.

Carey, my sweetheart and partner. I smiled the first time I saw his face and we’ve been together since our first date. He is ever patience and supportive in countless ways. The Tree and Stylistic mountain on my business card and occasionally on the site are his design.

Philipe Loulier, whose photos have uplifted me and made me smile, and who has graciously allowed those photos to be shared in various posts throughout the site.

Victoria, you’ve always given freely the love and support in your heart.

Gabrielle, you’ve been a constant connection. The way you trust is so beautiful and inspiring.

JJ, while your not on the earth, you will always be my sister, my guide and the best BFF ever! I dedicate this to you, you’re memory and soul that lives in light.

To all my teachers, guides and friends, who have been numerous. This maybe a milestone in a life’s work, and I am no island. I have learned the hard-way and the soft-way from many people. Appreciation to all those that have tempered me into patience and understanding with myself and life.

To the authors, mystics, leaders, geniuses and not so much geniuses whose books, workshops and videos that have informed my process.

Very importantly to my clients! To you brave and dedicated people who want to have more brilliant lives, to bring compassion to your leadership roles, to your relationships and to yourselves. I am blessed beyond words to have the opportunity to support you in your life’s work, your self awareness and personal development.

Thank you, Thank you all!

Thank you to the world for making it possible to do the things that make my heart sing.