Connecting With Your Soul


young-cheetah-poseLook into the eyes.  The old, the young the cheetah or the bear.  You see a reflection that is pure.  It is the soul. The soul is universal and individual.  Each of us has a soul, a feeling of consciousness, it is what makes us alive.

If someone can look you in the eye and lie, they are sadly distanced from their soul.  And you can see it.  Someone whose eyes light up when they see you, makes you feel alive.  Eyes are doorway so we can all live and reflect the soul to each other, make the soul stronger, build love without a word.


Your soul is underneath your likes, dislikes, self judgement, under your skin and your emotions.

It is also under your thoughts, beliefs and anything in your hologram (energy field that includes past lives and karma).

It is your connection to wisdom, to conscious and to freedom. This is why we do the work we do to clear away our attachment or fascination with these things. This why we are taught to go deeply into ourselves to free ourselves from things that cause pain.

The soul is very vital, though it could clouded or hard to find with all the junk we hold on to that covers it up.

Some people feel their soul is liberated by regilous practice. This can happen if the practice is sincere and demands awareness of the soul as our connection to God or our source. My experience is that it doesn’t happen when you give the responsibility for your soul to some one or something outside of you. Teachings that are virtuous lead you inwards, to find the doorway to what is holy inside of you.

The connection to the soul and therefore your connection to all of life is strenthgened by quite time with yourself.

Your soul is your doorway to the universal wisdom.  It is the passage to nirvana.  This is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.  To give yourself to the pursuit of your soul.  You can do this and make millions, it is not exclusive of external attention.  Because we live in duality there must be balanced inner and outer pursuit.  If you mediate in a cave for a life time and then go into town and lose yourself you’ve gained nothing.  If you can navigate a continent but have not awaken to the soul on the journey then it is a hollow journey.

The key is to remember your soul in all things you do.  Like a parent with a child or a cheetah with her cub.  The soul is as precious as our children.  We never really lose site of them.  We make sure we nourish them.  With kindness and loving attention.

Look into the eyes of the people, animals and world around you recognize the souls and see the vulnerable/powerful act of being human in yourself and others.

Take your breath and know there is no to end the journey into the soul.  It is ever relieving of the complexity of life.  Bring your soul with you into the activity of your daily life, you will find richness.  It is the resolution of duality, compassion and becoming whole.