Psychic Coach how it started

I have always been a psychic.  Until I was 12 I had no idea that everyone wasn't or that I saw the world in a unique way.  I was talking to a woman that I worked with, yes, I worked in a restaurant when I

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A Short Interview

How did you get involved in the Enneagram? It was about 17 years ago.  I have always been interested in self-improvement.  There was this Enneagram workshop, a few people had mentioned it, and it happened to be a weekend that my son with his dad,

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Strength of Your Soul

Soul, every culture has it's version of the soul. It is at least equal to oxygen for our existence. I don't believe this is the realm of any one religion.  It is not a matter of which faith you devote your thoughts to, but more

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Let People Be #1

Connecting with your soul enriches our lives.

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Know Your Mind

Dragons show us about power. That we choose how to use power, how to ride our dragons. They are straight forward in owning their power.

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I Love Dragons

I love Dragons! They give us power when we have the courage to ride them in the light!

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Life Goes Onward

Love Remains when all else transpires and we are sitting with our coffee looking at the trees.

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